Carbonfund FAQs

I have more questions about carbon offsets or climate change. Whom should I contact?

If you have a question, please get in touch using our contact page.

How do you ensure the CO2 you offset represent real carbon emission reductions?

The hallmarks of quality carbon offsets are third-party certification standards, verification, and auditing. All (Carbonfund) offset projects are verified by a third party to the highest certification standards. This review, coupled with an annual third-party audit of our finances and portfolio, ensures that our customers support only high-quality carbon offset projects making real carbon emission reductions.

The third-party verification of our projects also ensures that the emission reductions are additional to what would otherwise have occurred, surplus (i.e., not already mandated or required), and are permanent reductions.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we cannot. When you buy a carbon offset from a project featured on Carbonfund, we send the money to the project and retire the carbon credit on the proper international registry. This ensures that your tonne cannot be sold twice and that the carbon benefit is captured. Once the carbon credits are retired, we cannot un-retire them or have your purchase refunded. If for any reason, we are unable to fulfill your order, we will gladly refund your purchase.

How do you retire carbon?

Simply put, we retire a carbon credit by not using it. When we purchase carbon offsets or support a carbon reduction project, we gain the right to emissions reductions. Some buy these rights to use them to offset their emissions or trade them like commodities. When you buy credits through Carbonfund, we retire them – meaning we take the associated emissions out of circulation forever.

Is a non-profit organization?

Carbonfund has decided to divest its website, certain carbon offsets, and its Carbonfree certification operations. ClimeCo has been chosen to continue the Carbonfund name and mission to make it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses, and organizations to reduce and offset their climate impact. Learn more about this change here and more about ClimeCo. This acquisition means that Carbonfund is no longer a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization able to offer tax-deductible donations.